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Social connectivity, full speed ahead.

Posted on: September 2, 2009

I’m barely two weeks into the first semester of my senior year and feel like I’ve already jumped with both feet into the real world. But I’ll get a little more specific. I’ve started to delve a little deeper and more hands-on into the realm of communications and business in our fast-paced world, and am currently working to satisfy my curiosity in my PR & New Media course.

In yesterday’s class I was prompted to write what I believe are the top ten sites on the Web in the US. I selected Google, Facebook, Yahoo! and a few predictable others. To my surprise, these guesses were correct; however, I failed to mention forerunners such as Craiglist, Wikipedia, and Windows Live.  That realization aside, we discussed a fascinating discovery: not one of the world’s biggest corporations’ websites were on that list. Think about it: Target? Walmart? Disney? Where do their stakes reside in the online universe? Right now, Apple comes in at a poorly ranked #29. Target? #55. Here, take a look for yourselves:


On a tangent, I find it interesting how the biggest companies are staking even more claim into the global business, communications and new media market. Yahoo! and Flickr go hand in hand, while Google now encompasses YouTube as well as the blogging galaxy that is Blogger.

What do you think? Personally, this situation resonates with of the days of middle school, cliques and gossip. Similar people form groups, people talk, and news travels fast. Individuals and institutions alike need to recognize that in this day and age, the power of communication and human connectivity can not be underestimated. Especially when the Internet is concerned. As information such as Alexa’s data becomes more and more accessible, I feel that big corporations and advertisers need to unite with the new media crowd with innovation and and open mind.

Social media sites. Are you connected?

Social media sites. Are you connected?

It’s blatantly obvious that social media sites are fueling the Internet and inviting more and more people to connect, share, search and review what matters most to them. The voice is getting louder; will the corporations listen?


3 Responses to "Social connectivity, full speed ahead."

The corporations and even small businesses are listening. The ROI and revenue numbers from social media outlets have been published and proven to work. Its best not to think “corporations” when on the topic of social media. Focus on brands and smaller business and the success they have been experiencing with social media and interactive media marketing.

Nice blog. Follow mine as I will start posting to my new site much more.

Hi, Zak! Thanks for your input – you’re dead on. It’s true for both major corporations and small businesses alike to keep expanding upon that success and keep an open mind to the interactive media frontier. Just wondering, do you know if the published ROI / revenue numbers are accessible online?

PS – I’ve begun following your blog – very nice as well. And great layout.

[…] situation reminds me of an earlier post in which I blogged about large corporations and the digital age. In Ford’s case, the circumstances are one and the same – the power of social media can […]

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Emily received her BA in Advertising & Public Relations from Loyola University Chicago in May 2010. She is inquisitive by nature and loves to surround herself with new situations, people and the world around her.

Emily is a lifelong dancer, a current ballroom dance instructor, and lover of all things social media. She's currently searching for a new career opportunity in PR, event planning or advertising. Take a peek at her musings about media, branding & the PR indsutry.

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