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Muse, music and social media… who’s saying what?

Posted on: September 15, 2009

As a fan of everything related to social media, I’m definitely an avid reader when it comes to online reviews.  I’ll sometimes find myself scrolling through pages of comments to see what everyday people are saying about things I’m interested in. I enjoy reading what the forums and Twitter enthusiasts have to say about certain products, services and interests. That said, today (9/15/09) is the day I’ve been waiting for – the official drop for “The Resistance,” the new album from Muse (one of my all-time favorite bands). I haven’t bought the album yet but I’ve spent some time this morning perusing the Web and blogs for what my fellow fans have to say about their 5th album.

Check out a few links if you’re interested.

What’re your thoughts?



3 Responses to "Muse, music and social media… who’s saying what?"

Waiting for my boxset to arrive in the mail (in Australia), but I’ve already listened to the album like 20 times, and as a long time Muse fan you will not be disappointed! Some tracks grow on you, and there is a lot to take in on first listen, but… oh wow it just arrived!

Alright well my box set literally arrived as I was typing, so I had to bail! Totally awesome purchase by the way, amazing.

As I was saying, the album is a ripper, but may take some people a few listens to get into it. I like the fact that Muse have progressed as a band, and while I love the old stuff, I can always crack out OOS or Showbiz if I like. New material keeps in interesting.

Highlights are: MK Ultra, Resistance, Unnatural Selection, Undisclosed Desires and of course Exogenesis… Basically the whole album!

Go out and get a copy.

I agree with everything you posted! I’ve listened to the album a handful of times online – I have yet to purchase it – and at first I was thrown for a loop because it’s quite the mixture of musical styles and material from the band. And reading the mixed reviews from people didn’t help. But did I really expect anything less from Muse? They really have progressed as a band and I respect the direction they are taking. By the way, OOS / Showbiz are probably my two favorite albums and I listen to their older stuff all the time. I’m right with you in regards to the highlights, and I’m glad they’ve released Uprising as a single – very catchy. Getting myself a copy this week. I’m anxious to hear if they will plan a headlining tour to the US in the future.
Take care!

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