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LinkedIn: “Social Networking as a Business”

Posted on: January 28, 2011

As a big fan of all things social media and networking, I enjoy coming across stories about how expansive of an effect these embassies continue to have in the business world. The Wall Street Journal published an article today discussing LinkedIn, a prominent business-oriented networking site, and the recent filing of an initial public offering as it continues to grow across the Web.

Although its size is greatly overshadowed by the number of users on social networking giant Facebook, I feel that LinkedIn has the power to grow in both population and popularity due to its professional, yet easy-to-use, nature.

eMarkerter strategist Debra Aho Williamson is quoted in the article for sharing that “the more diverse your business can become, the less exposure you have if there is downfall in a certain market. You want to see a rounded business.” The article goes on to explain that the “deal is likely to be relatively small, perhaps just 10% or less of the company, because much of the stock being offered will be new shares being issued in part to fund international expansion.”

I feel that LinkedIn will be able to grow and thrive in the social networking sphere if the IPO is a success. Are you a member of LinkedIn? If so, do you enjoy utilizing the networking site and why?

Check out the article here:


1 Response to "LinkedIn: “Social Networking as a Business”"

LinkedIn is the only social networking site I use because it is less obnoxious than the others and has more of a niche market. Its focus on career networking is its formula for success and stable growth. Facebook is growing too fast and becoming too expensive to manage and this may lead its fate similar to Myspace’s.

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Emily is a lifelong dancer, a current ballroom dance instructor, and lover of all things social media. She's currently searching for a new career opportunity in PR, event planning or advertising. Take a peek at her musings about media, branding & the PR indsutry.

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