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It seems like every time I read the news or peruse the digital sphere, Apple takes over the headlines with announcements or a glimpse of a new product. This time around, the press the company has been receiving is – gasp – leaning to the controversial and unexpected side. I came across this article via Computerworld this afternoon that puts it perfectly: buzzkill. Apple, are you leaving your customers and fans feeling a little sour today?

iWant or iCanWait?

For those of you who haven’t heard or stumbled upon the news yet, Apple is going ahead with the launch of the iPhone 4Gs, leaving many loyal consumers dissapointed. Talks of a potential iPhone 5 have been dominating the social sphere in the past few weeks – but the technology and product will not be taking shape, at least at this present time.

Author Gregg Keizer writes, “According to Bellevue, Wash.-based Visible Technologies, 69% of the comments it tracked on Twitter concerning the iPhone 4S were negative, a turn-around from what the company said were usually “rave” reviews for Apple and its product introductions.”

The majority of my technological products are Apple and I’m an avid follower and participant on Twitter. I have definitely noticed the sarcasm, rants and general disdain for this development, and can see where some individuals are coming from. I agree that it’s uncharacteristic to witness a harsher response from the community.

Sidenote: pleasant news for those who belong to the Sprint family. Consumers reap the ultimate rewards of this development with the ability to secure an unlimited data plan. I’m a loyal Verizon chick so I won’t be persuaded… yet. I guess I’ll hold out for hopes of the elusive Number 5… someday. It’ll come, people! All things in due time.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Apple’s announcement and the discussions over 4S will hinder the company’s success in this endeavor?


Hey readers. I thought I’d take this week to post something a little different. In today’s world, the right kind of branding is key, regardless of the size or location of your company, product or service.  Most importantly, that goes for you as an individual as well. So, as a budding professional, I’m going to take the opportunity to share my resume with you. Feel free to comment, add suggestions or offer any sort of feedback you like. I hope you can learn a little bit about me on a more personal level today. I’ll be back ASAP with a good PR post for you, promise. -E



Loyola University Chicago – Chicago, IL

  • Bachelor of Arts in Advertising and Public Relations, May 2010
  • Minor degrees in Spanish and Dance
  • Dean’s List (2009)


Public Service Communication – Fall 2009

  • Team Leader: Partnered with the Lincoln Park Community Shelter in Chicago, Illinois, to create and execute an original multifaceted PR campaign promoting the non-profit organization’s 25th Anniversary celebration
  • Created original press kit materials, including press releases, media alerts, pitches and media lists to generate awareness for the non-profit’s major gala event
  • Interacted and collaborated with board members over several months to inform the community of the non-profit organization

Public Relations and New Media – Fall 2009

  • Successfully developed and implemented a unique social digital strategy and campaign for Loyola University Chicago’s School of Communication
  • Reached out to prospective students and the Chicago community while enhancing the university’s professional reputation on Twitter


Danceworks – Milwaukee, WI (February 2011 – Present)

  • Assistant dance instructor with the company’s Performance Outreach Program (“Mad Hot Ballroom and Tap”)
  • Company ambassador, promoting the brand, values and mission of the company as a community-centered organization while helping area 6th grade students to cultivate an appreciation of dance

The Walt Disney Company: College Program – Orlando, FL (June 2010 – January 2011)

  • Gained understanding of the Disney brand promoting teamwork, diversity and quality service in all areas.
  • Expanded communication and guest relations skills as a Character Performer participating in parades, productions, and media events.
  • Selected to perform and prominently featured in Disney’s 2010 Christmas Day Parade (nationally televised on ABC). Featured dancer in Mariah Carey’s closing production performance.

Starcom MediaVest – Chicago, IL (January 2009 – April 2009)

  • Advertising intern with the Local Activation department and Center of Excellence Group
  • Contributed a weekly e-newsletter to media associates discussing up-to-date advertising articles and issues
  • Expanded knowledge of the media buying field by analyzing research and identifying rep firm coverage across Nielsen’s top 25 national markets
  • Gained knowledge of strategic planning by conducting an analysis of Super Bowl and Olympic media packages and market benchmarks for current and future buyer references and negotiations

Milwaukee County Parks – Milwaukee, WI (June 2008 – August 2009, Seasonal)

  • Park Worker III with experience in park and lakefront beautification
  • Demonstrated effective leadership and communication while supervising small groups.

Sentry – Hales Corners, WI and Franklin, WI (February 2006 – December 2008)

  • Demonstrated diligent listening skills and provided prompt accurate service to customers as a Deli Clerk

Abercrombie – Wauwatosa, WI and Chicago, IL (May 2006 – May 2008)

  • Brand Rep and Impact Team Member with seasonal experience in brand promotions, customer sales and retail
  • Excellent work ethic and ability to work independently with minimal supervision

Bluemel’s – Greenfield, WI (June 2007 – August 2007)

  • Proactively established relationships with customers by scheduling orders as a Cashier & Floral Shop Assistant

Loyola Annual Phonathon – Chicago, IL (January 2007 – May 2007)

  • Connected with alumni, parents and potential donors as a Student Caller to fund-raise for the University


  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint) and data entry (SQAD, Tapscan and Brandguard software programs)
  • Google Analytics, WordPress, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook


Loyola Tap Dance Team – Chicago, IL (April 2009 – May 2010)

  • Advertising and Public Relations Chair and Official Team Logo Designer

“Dance Chance” – Chicago, IL (May 2010)

  • Crafted and performed an original dance work as a featured choreographer for Danceworks Chicago

Loyola Dance Team – Chicago, IL (September 2006 – May 2007)

Stuart Elliott of the New York Times posted an interesting article yesterday discussing yet another marketing scheme via Denny’s.  The popular restaurant chain, known for their Grand Slams and other assorted All-American breakfasts, currently faces a little bit wrath due to a new promotional endeavor.  I’m all for innovative and unique reasons and methods to promote products and corporations, but when it comes to utilizing the anniversary of Ireland’s historical FAMINE?

Re-read that a few times.  Confused? I am.

I admit, though I’ve been exposed to Denny’s TV and radio advertisements, I haven’t bought in to them or made an appearance at a restaurant in a very long time.  As in… probably more than a decade or so… but I digress.  Denny’s is now popularly known for their publicity stunts promoting free breakfasts – remember the Super Bowl ad? Tempting, tempting.

Denny's Breakfast Promotions

The ads are often humorous, eye-catching and worthy of taking notice; I definitely had more than a share of friends taking part in the free-food adventure.  Although I don’t have a Denny’s in my vicinity to snatch up some free eggs and pancakes, this new pitch has rubbed me the wrong way like many of my fellow consumers.

Elliott writes that the spot’s purpose is ” to recognize the 150th anniversary of the end of the Irish famine, Denny’s would serve French fries and pancakes in all-you-can-eat portions.”

Yum, but… come again? Put the bacon down and get back to the drawing board.

Like the majority of well-known corporations, businesses and chains today, Denny’s facilitated Web 2.0 the best way they know how by infiltrating Facebook and other social media embassies to spread the word about this new promotional stunt. I’m not a fan of the restaurant chain on Facebook, but as a pretty active presence on Twitter, I looked into see if anybody was buzzing about the endeavor:

Twitter results image

Results for "Denny's" search via Twitter, 3/6/10

Side thought: funny this is occurring as St. Patty’s day looms right around the corner. Sorry, Denny’s, whether or not that was a purposeful decision, this is just all executed in bad taste. I’m  glad the chain has attempted to apologize (check out the article for more information)… but let this serve as a lesson for companies out there that encouraging a wee bit more of research and tact before putting something like this into motion doesn’t hurt anybody.

Thoughts? Complaints? Anybody hungry?

Irish Countryside

The ban’s been lifted!

Check out the article posted this evening by Government Technology.

As of a few days ago, our government friends over at the Pentagon have verbally and visibly embraced the digital wave with “a newly released policy for using social networking and other Web 2.0 sites.” A lift on an imposed

The U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) on Friday, Feb. 26, released a policy “for responsible and effective use of Internet-based capabilities.” It essentially lifts a year-long ban on access to typically taboo (in this sense) to sites such as MySpace, the book of Face, Flickr and YouTube.

My thoughts, if I were a government employee affected by this situation: Yay! New ultimate forms of procrastination! (Just kidding.)

According to Karen Wilkinson’s article, under Obama’s administrative eye, “the policy also allows commanders to ‘safeguard missions’ by ‘temporarily limiting access to the Internet to preserve operations security or to address bandwidth restraints,’ the release said.

What are your thoughts about the big P’s decision?

Drawing by Emily Zager, 1/18/10

Pictured: Matt Bellamy of Muse

Hello, readers. Just wanted to upload a quick little drawing I put together on Monday. I used a handful of black and gray felt markers as well as a metallic silver highlighting pen.  Nothing’s better than an afternoon spent doodling, and coming up with some pretty interesting stuff 🙂 Here’s my take on one of my favorite photographs of one of my favorite musicians of all time. Thoughts?

Emily received her BA in Advertising & Public Relations from Loyola University Chicago in May 2010. She is inquisitive by nature and loves to surround herself with new situations, people and the world around her.

Emily is a lifelong dancer, a current ballroom dance instructor, and lover of all things social media. She's currently searching for a new career opportunity in PR, event planning or advertising. Take a peek at her musings about media, branding & the PR indsutry.

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