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It seems like every time I read the news or peruse the digital sphere, Apple takes over the headlines with announcements or a glimpse of a new product. This time around, the press the company has been receiving is – gasp – leaning to the controversial and unexpected side. I came across this article via Computerworld this afternoon that puts it perfectly: buzzkill. Apple, are you leaving your customers and fans feeling a little sour today?

iWant or iCanWait?

For those of you who haven’t heard or stumbled upon the news yet, Apple is going ahead with the launch of the iPhone 4Gs, leaving many loyal consumers dissapointed. Talks of a potential iPhone 5 have been dominating the social sphere in the past few weeks – but the technology and product will not be taking shape, at least at this present time.

Author Gregg Keizer writes, “According to Bellevue, Wash.-based Visible Technologies, 69% of the comments it tracked on Twitter concerning the iPhone 4S were negative, a turn-around from what the company said were usually “rave” reviews for Apple and its product introductions.”

The majority of my technological products are Apple and I’m an avid follower and participant on Twitter. I have definitely noticed the sarcasm, rants and general disdain for this development, and can see where some individuals are coming from. I agree that it’s uncharacteristic to witness a harsher response from the community.

Sidenote: pleasant news for those who belong to the Sprint family. Consumers reap the ultimate rewards of this development with the ability to secure an unlimited data plan. I’m a loyal Verizon chick so I won’t be persuaded… yet. I guess I’ll hold out for hopes of the elusive Number 5… someday. It’ll come, people! All things in due time.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Apple’s announcement and the discussions over 4S will hinder the company’s success in this endeavor?


Thanks to Twitter and ChicagoNow, I recently received a little bit of online attention.

I gotta admit, I’ve been a hot-and-cold member of the Twitter community since I joined last year.  However, I just discoved that a recent Tweet earned some local press within the past few days.  On September 10, ChicagoNow blogged & shared some comical posts concerning Republican Congressman Joe Wilson’s outburst at the notorious health care press conference. Lo and behold, one of my own Tweets made the cut in this “TweetBuzz: Joe Wilson’s Outburst” article.

[Side note: ChicagoNow, owned by the Chicago Tribune Media Group, “is our online town square, where we talk about the real Chicago with each other. We felt like we should and could do something to connect Chicago’s diverse online voices and create a platform for them so larger audiences could see what we saw.”]   Kudos to riding on top of the social media wave.

Pretty sweet! I’ve bumped into their site a few times in the past, so this development definitely caught my attention. (It was on accident, too; I ironically was Googling my name to get access to this blog.)

  1. Here’s the link to my tweet:
  2. Here’s the link to the article:

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