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My article of the week comes to us via PR Newswire. Kenneth C. Wisnefski, of WebiMax, discusses the “success of social media and the recent IPO of such firms.”

Which social media companies do you feel have the greatest potential of growth? Which branding efforts resonate most or are most memorable to you?

The values are rising...

The values are rising...


I stumbled upon an insightful little post today (thanks, Mashable) that illustrates the ratio between men and women, and their activities on the Social Web. The data from the October 3rd article was compiled by Google Ad Planner, and showcases the activity between males and females on a multitude of popular social media sites.  I’m not surprised in the least bit by these results.  It makes sense to me that both men and women are equal users within the YouTube and LinkedIn realms. There’s a definite gender balance at other social networking sites including deviantART and I must admit that I’ve never heard of the first; however, I am an avid user of the latter.  It’s definitely my favorite bookmarking service – I’ve posted a few of my favorite links on this blog if you would like to check them out!

But back to the Mashable article: It’s interesting that Digg encompasses the highest amount of male users.  I have not yet spent enough time utilizing Digg to base any more judgment, so I can’t include a deeper response (or else I might dig myself a hole – pardon the pun).  But every other site mentioned is handed to the girls! Women are very social creatures by nature, so it seems natural to see that they are participants within several popular social media sites.  Their ruling presence in the digital space is becoming louder, now more than ever.

Check out the great graph below:

Genders and the Social Web

Genders and the Social Web

Thanks to Twitter and ChicagoNow, I recently received a little bit of online attention.

I gotta admit, I’ve been a hot-and-cold member of the Twitter community since I joined last year.  However, I just discoved that a recent Tweet earned some local press within the past few days.  On September 10, ChicagoNow blogged & shared some comical posts concerning Republican Congressman Joe Wilson’s outburst at the notorious health care press conference. Lo and behold, one of my own Tweets made the cut in this “TweetBuzz: Joe Wilson’s Outburst” article.

[Side note: ChicagoNow, owned by the Chicago Tribune Media Group, “is our online town square, where we talk about the real Chicago with each other. We felt like we should and could do something to connect Chicago’s diverse online voices and create a platform for them so larger audiences could see what we saw.”]   Kudos to riding on top of the social media wave.

Pretty sweet! I’ve bumped into their site a few times in the past, so this development definitely caught my attention. (It was on accident, too; I ironically was Googling my name to get access to this blog.)

  1. Here’s the link to my tweet:
  2. Here’s the link to the article:

Early last week I began utilizing RSS feeds and Google Reader for the first time.  At first I was thrown off by the whole RSS-thing, but realized it can be pretty helpful and easy.  In fact, I had never really dealt with anything RSS-related – ever – until learning about the purpose and resourcesfulness of the web-feed system. I guess I’ve been really behind the times while continuing to “bookmark” my favorite websites near the top of my Firefox web brower.  But, it’s finally time to get with the program. I’m definitely all for simple structuring, easy-to-grasp customization and pinpointing my favorite online blogs, information and resources. (By the way, I’m a Virgo- organization is like chocolate for me.)

To begin my adventure with creating custom RSS feeds, I took a look at Ad Age’s Power 150 marketing blogs, and selected a handful of them to personally follow. I linked their RSS feeds directly into my Google Reader, and now receive up-todate notifications of new blogposts without having to ‘manually’ search for them myself. (I’m also a college student – I’m short on time and have a tendency to have a bout of laziness.)

I’ve begun following Social Media Explorer (#1), [] (#4), Logic+Emotion (#11), Web Strategy by Jeremiah (#23), a shel of my former self (#33), among several others. I’ve started browsing through each thought leader’s blogs and have taken a liking to reading up on their diverse opinions, words of advice as well as comments on the current social media outlook.

I’ve also selected RSS feeds from several sites that I personally enjoy:  Foodista, Disney News,, PR Week’s US News, the New York Times, and the Green Bay Packers. (Milwaukee, WI – born and raised. No apologies.)

I think my only issue is being able to sift through all of my notifications.  I’m got feed coming directly from  25 sites as of today. I’d have to compare keeping up with my Google Reader is similar to checking my email accounts. Overall, working on these online activities will aid me in climbing the social technographics ladder. It’s my goal to become more of a creator – publishing blog posts, uploading videos and writing stories. I’m definitely a spectator and joiner when it comes to Web ventures, but think it’s more beneficial to get your voice out there by taking an active stance. What’s your position on the ladder?

Emily received her BA in Advertising & Public Relations from Loyola University Chicago in May 2010. She is inquisitive by nature and loves to surround herself with new situations, people and the world around her.

Emily is a lifelong dancer, a current ballroom dance instructor, and lover of all things social media. She's currently searching for a new career opportunity in PR, event planning or advertising. Take a peek at her musings about media, branding & the PR indsutry.

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