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My article of the week comes to us via PR Newswire. Kenneth C. Wisnefski, of WebiMax, discusses the “success of social media and the recent IPO of such firms.”

Which social media companies do you feel have the greatest potential of growth? Which branding efforts resonate most or are most memorable to you?

The values are rising...

The values are rising...


I stumbled upon an insightful little post today (thanks, Mashable) that illustrates the ratio between men and women, and their activities on the Social Web. The data from the October 3rd article was compiled by Google Ad Planner, and showcases the activity between males and females on a multitude of popular social media sites.  I’m not surprised in the least bit by these results.  It makes sense to me that both men and women are equal users within the YouTube and LinkedIn realms. There’s a definite gender balance at other social networking sites including deviantART and I must admit that I’ve never heard of the first; however, I am an avid user of the latter.  It’s definitely my favorite bookmarking service – I’ve posted a few of my favorite links on this blog if you would like to check them out!

But back to the Mashable article: It’s interesting that Digg encompasses the highest amount of male users.  I have not yet spent enough time utilizing Digg to base any more judgment, so I can’t include a deeper response (or else I might dig myself a hole – pardon the pun).  But every other site mentioned is handed to the girls! Women are very social creatures by nature, so it seems natural to see that they are participants within several popular social media sites.  Their ruling presence in the digital space is becoming louder, now more than ever.

Check out the great graph below:

Genders and the Social Web

Genders and the Social Web

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